Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Something to think About

     Just like most kids, I grew up watching cartoons. The enchanting classic tales of Disney and happily ever after. It really messes up your head when you actually think about it. We grow up thinking love is pure and relationships are perfect and that marriages never end after all it is happily ever after.
     But then you grow up, life happens and reality starts to sink in. You start to question whether love is indeed pure, does a perfect relationship even exist and it starts to sink in that happily ever after might actually be happily NEVER after. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying love doesn't exist, I'm actually a sucker for romance, but then, haven't you ever questioned why all these fairy-tales and movies always end at the wedding and then they just mention how they lived happily ever after but never actually show you.
     Breaking it down further, one would start to question, do we get hyped and excited about a wedding or a marriage. Think about it, for the ladies, I'm sure you've seen enough proposals to know what you'd want yours to be like, the type of ring you want not to mention your dream dress...the moment you see it you know as the saying goes. The people that are gonna be present on your big day. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that what all the hype and excitement is about..."THE WEDDING". Very few people think about the significance of that day....the till death do us part, stuck in love with each other type of thing. And to some extent, the fact that people are more excited and prepared for a WEDDING DAY and not a MARRIAGE is also a major contributor to the very high divorce rates in our various societies.

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